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CPM Music Services offers a quality score writing service to a range of musicians, whether professional or amateur. All score work is carried out using the latest Sibelius notation software.


While all score related work will be considered, the main services offered are shown below. Please click on each link for more details.






















Welcome to CPM Music Services

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The profesional score writing service

Composers and songwriters who need their hand written work professionally typeset.

Soloists, singers, in fact any musicians who wish to have their individual parts, or whole scores transposed into one or more different keys.

Orchestras, bands and choirs needing individual parts to be extracted and/or transposed.

Song transcriptions can be taken from a recording to provide an accurate lead sheet. Melodies, accompaniments, chord symbols and instrumental solos can all be transcribed.

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Please use the Contact links or Contact form should you encounter any problems with your scores not specifically listed here.


While based in the UK, CPM Music Services is happy to undergo score work for clients worldwide